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A little less than a year ago, I left a long time corporate career to follow my dream of having my own business.

I wanted to do something that was happy, something that would inspire me and something that  I would wake up every morning excited to work on.  Fact is, I didn’t just want a change, I needed one, as the world of business insurance and risk management felt like it was sucking the joy of life out of me.

Around the time I decided to start working towards becoming an entrepreneur, our little senior dachshund Buster’s kidney disease worsened. This prompted me to take the plunge a little sooner than I might have otherwise so that I could work from a home-based business, and be there for him. 

Things don’t always work out as planned, and sadly three days before my last day of work, we had to say goodbye to our little puppy son. 
It was heartbreaking, and ironic to lose him when I was finally going to have more time to spend with him.  Buster had always enjoyed having his father come and go during the day, so he wasn’t lonely, but especially as he got older, I was always reluctant to say goodbye to him in the mornings, and I was continually having to work late or have evening work commitments that kept me away from him.
It was so hard those first few days to be alone in our condo… no pitter patter of little feet, no job to go to, distracting me from the loss, and for the first time in years, no crazy deadlines, work pressures or obligations.  I was anxious because I’d been so busy for so long.
I didn’t know what to do with myself, all I could do was dive into my business, figuring out all the to-dos, what priority to even do them in, and making decisions. It’s amazing, when you start a business, how many micro-decisions you have to make, and I still make on a daily basis.
I wore leggings every day and barely brushed my hair.  I didn’t leave home unless I had to, and I hunkered down like a happy hermit and started figuring everything out, and building a brand. Now this isn’t for the faint-hearted, or impatient, and I’ve had to give myself a pep-talk on many occasions, but it’s been amazing.
As time went by and things came together, and our little company found its stride.  In October of last year, a little puppy was born, and just before Christmas, we were lucky enough to bring our new puppy-son, Finnegan home.

Finny is the happiest of all happy puppies, a cuddle monkey, and the best couch companion I could hope for.  We’ve had a great adventure these last few months, as he explores his world, and we’ve been growing and improving the business.

It’s with the inspiration of two very much loved little doxies that Daring Dachshund Designs was born.

Our mission is to spread quality-made, pretty and practical doxie-whimsy into this busy and often too serious world.

Thanks for visiting!  

Joanna Ridley


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