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Two fur removal tools you may not have thought of.

Two fur removal tools you may not have thought of.
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Dog hair… it's part of being a pet parent.
It means vacuuming more often, having a lint roller in the car, and occasionally apologizing to house guests.
If you find yourself with short notice company, and want a quick way to de-hair your home, here are two things that you may have under your sink that can save you a bunch of time!
Rubber Glove 
If you have one of these laying around for dishes or housework, these also make a super handy and efficient pet hair picker-upper!  
Simply place the glove on your hand and dampen it with water. 
Swipe it over your furniture, you’ll be amazed how well it works, even on those tiny doxie hairs.
Rinse off the glove when it's covered with hair and repeat if needed.
I bought one for each of our bathrooms, but have yet to actually use them to clean the shower glass. They do however work great on rugs, carpeting, and upholstery to remove fur. 
There are a bunch of other things you can buy that are useful… stiffer clothes, furminators, special made fur removal brushes and mitts, but try these two out first, and let me know what you think!


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