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We all need more water!

We all need more water!
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Water... we all need it, we all probably need to drink more of it than we do. 

Our dogs are in the same boat, often they can be distracted by fun doggie pursuits and don't drink as much water as they should.

Five tips to get your dog to drink more water

Here are five easy ways to entice your pup to drink more H2O. 

While he does, you should probably grab a glass too!

1. Add water to his food. 

If your dog eats raw, canned or kibble, how about adding some (or more) water to the mix?  There are a number of flavors or nutritional supplements you could also add, to create a gravy, but just adding a bit of water to every meal can help. 

Another tip is to heat up the food with the water added, often this makes the food more flavourful.

2. It could be the bowl.

If your dog doesn't seem to like drinking his water, it could be the bowl.  Dogs can be fussy about the width or depth of a bowl. Try mixing it up and see if that makes any difference.

3. It could be the water source.

Dogs have super sensitive noses, and with that comes sensitive and often discerning palettes. If your dog isn't drinking tap water, maybe you'd have more luck with bottled, filtered or distilled water. 

Another option is a pet water fountain, most dogs enjoy the trickling, oxygenated water.

4. It could be the temperature.

Sometimes, like us, dogs prefer warm, cold, or room temperature water.  

Ice cubes are also a fun way for dogs to get more water intake, and they're especially great in the summer to keep your dog cool and hydrated.  

Here's a recipe for frozen dog treats if you want to surprise your pup with a healthy treat.

5. Add some flavor.

Similar to humans with our drink crystals, sometimes dogs may just find water boring.  Spruce it up by adding a couple drops of tuna water, beef or chicken broth to their water.  You'll want to make sure the broth doesn't contain any onion though, so read your labels!



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